What a Proud Day!

I don’t mean to jump ahead and not finish my story. I have such news that I could not help but share it. I know I told you all about Gavin my oldest. How he is a self proclaimed nerd/geek. He is an amazingly smart child always has been. He is in the gifted program at his school and is top of his class.When he was tested for his IQ when he was in second grade it was 134.  He is VERY into science and math. The district we live in has a magnet program that is a Science and Technology Academy. You have to apply to get in and it is not easy to get in. Gavin had to write 2 essays one about why he wants to go there and the other was what his plans for the future were as far as college and career. He took a lot of time and really thought it all out and then sat down and wrote them. I can not tell you how proud I was of him when I read what he wrote. The way that my son thinks just blows my mind. He wants to cure cancer. So that no child ever has to loose their grandma(my mother in law) like he did to cancer. She passed when he was 4 and it so shaped his life. 

He also had to have top scores on PSSA tests and his grades had to be A’s. All of which he has.

Well we sent in all our info and the application in November and have been waiting ever since. Well today when I got home from a very nice lunch with James and Mady, both played hooky today to spend time with me..shhhh

There sat the letter from the magnet office in the mail box. I have never been this scared at a letter in my life. I was shaking so bad that I could not get the thing opened.  I thought he didn’t make it, he didn’t the envelope is to skinny it would have forms if he made it. God how can I tell him. My mind was racing so fast. I opened the letter and it said Congratulations! OMG it says Congratulations! 

Gavin GOT IN! OMG he got IN!!!!

I screamed so loud I scared the dogs. I ran out to the van where James was getting a sleeping Mady out of the car and just screamed and cried and cried and screamed…James just smiled so big. Kinda like he did when we found out each time we were having a baby.

The world that has opened up  for my son is now limitless. He will have access to so much. Professors from CMU, and MIT, heads at Google. He will be able to realize his dream and so much more.

What a wonderful day!


First Peek

So this is my first ever blog. I do vlog when I can. I am more of a talker then a writer. Don’t have to worry about spelling that way. So you wanna know something about me huh…
Well first and foremost I am a mom. Nothing in the world is better or more important to me then that. I have 4 crazy, insane, strange, loving and wonderful kids. Gavin is my oldest at 10. He is such a smarty pants. if you ask him he will tell you that he is a geeky nerd and it’s true..lol. Brennen is my middle-ist..(he loves being called that) he is soon to be 9. Bren is the most loving and caring child I have ever meet. He is smart outgoing and just a love. He takes care of everyone around him. Aiden what can I say about him. He teaches me the most lessons about life that I think I will ever learn. He is 7 and such an old soul. When he was 4 he was diagnosed with Epilepsy. That is when our world changed so so much. It has been a struggle but we are doing ok. I will post more about this another time. Last but not least is Madelyn. She is my princess and my shadow. She is 3 and in pre-school. I think most days mom misses her more then she misses mom.

Then there is my soul, James. I don;t know how to write about my husband so that you will understand how much I love this man. The moment he came into my life. I knew he was never leaving it and he would change it forever. Still to this day ,12 years later, the thougth of him can get me all smiley ,giggly. And a kiss from him can melt my toes. Oh how I love him.

Now I guess you may want to know about me. I truly am a boring person. At least that is what I think but I guess I will let you decide. My name is Cheryl. I am 37 years old stay at home mom. I am the youngest of 6 children and no I am NOT spoiled. Not a chance in my family. I am however the most outspoken and well bitchy of all the siblings.

I spent most of my life overweight. I was always the fat chick. I would diet and loose then gain it back. Yo-Yo anyone? Lets not talk about how much I gained with each one of the pregnancies I had. But I will say the weight was worth the baby. I finally decided when Mady was born I was gonna do something to change the problem. So I started to look into bariatric surgery. I was very over whelmed and frightened by all that I read. SO as is normal I ran from it. Hey I can be happy fat ,right? James loves me no matter what right?

So I hide for 2 more years. I called it living but it wasn’t. I watched it go past and didn’t know how to join in. I couldn’t join in most times as it hurt to much to run with the kids or play at the park. My kids lost out on so much because of me.
Then it happened. The kids got a new principle at school. He too was overweight. But wait was he getting skinny? at a fast rate? hmmm wonder what he is doing….Hey how you doing that…ya I asked him pretty much just like that. I am not known for tack…He said I had Gastric Bypass…wow and your ok doing well? I thought everyone was sick and in pain skinny but missarable because of surgery. At least that is what I read. NOPE you read the wrong info. Here is my doctors name he said go call her and meet her.

So I did. IT. CHANGED. EVERYTHING. I went to all the classes they offered and did all the testings. On April 1st, yes april fools day, 2011 I had gastric Bypass. On that day I weighed 265 pounds but it wasn’t my highest 282 was.

The last 9 months have been a crazy ride I must say. But one I am so thankful that I bought a ticket for.